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The Postgraduate Program in Applied Physics has a single area of concentration, Physics.

The research lines, which are within the only area of concentration, are:


Concepts of statistical physics and high performance computational processing are applied in the study of biodiversity, population dynamics, evolution of diseases such as HIV, econophysics, phase transitions, treatment of three-dimensional images from computed tomography with X-rays in medical images, among others.


Nanomaterials and Electronic Transport: Concepts of field theory, theory of random matrices, tight-binding model and finite element methods are applied in the study of electronic transport on flat or curved surfaces and spintronics in semiconductor and carbon-based nanodevices, graphene superwires, nanowires and devices optical and acoustic based on liquid crystals.

Basic and Applied Optics: They develop research in the area of quantum information, nonlinear optics, photonics, nanofluids for absorption of solar radiation and inertial sensors in the analysis of the movement of the human body.

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