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The Graduate Program in Applied Physics (PPGFA) at master's level, linked to the Department of Physics at UFRPE, was approved in August 2008 by CAPES. The program started its activities in March 2009, having its first class graduated in 2011. From the beginning of the course, in 2009, until the end of 2019, a total of 81 masters were graduated in PPGFA. Of the total graduates, 3 are currently professors at federal universities, 20 are professors at Federal Institutes and 47 are pursuing doctorates at universities in Brazil and abroad in the areas of physics, materials science, engineering and biometrics. The PPGFA is inserted in the area of ​​Physics and Astronomy of CAPES and has three laboratories of computational physics (Laboratory of Remote Access, Laboratory of Complex Systems and Universalities and Laboratory of Theoretical and Computational Physics) and two laboratories of experimental physics (Laboratory of Optics and Lasers and the Optoelectronics Laboratory).